Why Fitlap is best for you?

Lose weight with full stomach

You dont have to lose weight with hunger. With Fitlap you will always have full stomach. You can eat alot but healthy.

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Eat your favorite foods

We are approaching food in a different way. You can continue to eat your favorite dishes. We'll just modify them a little bit.
You can find burgers, wraps and pastas in Fitlap's meal plan.

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We support you on every step

We have the most active support group in Estonia, which has today already over 18 000 members. You get your answer from there fast also alot of motivation and support.

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We have support online every day. Ask questions and we answer you as fast as we can. If you need motivation, we help! You can find support chat from bottom right corner.

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Alone or with your family

You can add all your family members to your menu for free. The more your children eat healthy food, the less candy will fit in to their stomach.

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Grocery list

Emotional purchases will inflate both your waist and your family costs. You will hold both under
control with the grocery list.

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Easy to follow

With Fitlap you dont have to count calories. We will do it all for you. Of course Fitlap will fit you automatically. You only have the pleasure of eating.

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Want to start losing fat now and achieve your dream body? It's never late and there is no better time than right now. Fitlap is for you if you want to lose weight and become healthier without feeling hungry.

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