Fitlap nutrition plan testimonial - Reigo

28 years old
105 kg
83 kg
Reigo finds that the best support during more difficult moments is the support of his partner. He has lost 22 kg so clearly the support is strong!

I didn´t really believe in this program. But if I realised that with the first month I had already lost 6 kg I started liking it more and more. At first I was always waiting for the cheat meal that we are recommended to eat once a week. Now it’s rather the other way around and I feel bad if I eat something out of the plan. I don’t even know anymore how to eat diffrently.

I am very thankful for my partner who wanted to try Fitlap and managed to convince me to follow the plan too.

Our client Kairi has managed to lose 23 kg with Fitlap.
In February I decided that I can´t continue like that anymore. I am much healthier now, my back doesn´t hurt anymore and I just have so much more energy!


There is no better time than right now. Take a decision and start working towards your goals today. Once you see how much delicious food you can eat following the plan there is no looking back. Fitlap is perfect for you if you want to become healthier without feeling hungry.

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