Fitlap meal plan testimonial - Mariliis

Mariliis lost her 44 lb/20 kg of her baby weight and is planning to lose even more.

Finally, I am ready to share my results with all of you.

A year ago, my little princess was born and soon after giving birth, I decided to leave my extra weight. The first picture was taken last November when I weighed around 198 lb/90 kg.

I started sometimes following the plan over the winter and managed to bring down my weight to 154 lb/70 kg by the beginning of the summer. At the end of August, I decided to start following the plan 100%, since I still have around 13 lb/6 kg to lose. With Fitlap I know I will get there!

In almost 5 months I have lost 44 lb/20 kg and 21 in/53 cm. Thank you Fitlap! :-)
I started my journey on August 8th with 227 lb/103,4 kg and by today, 19th of September I am already down to 204 lb/92,8 kg.


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