Fitlap nutrition plan testimonial - Liis

Liis has lost almost 110 lb/ 50 kg and has slowly even switched from walking to running.

I don´t have a long way to go anymore to reach -110 lb/ 50 kg. I am so happy that I found Fitlap!

If so far I was walking to move, then lately I have slowly started to run already.

I adore Fitlap, really! It is the only program that has worked for me and really helped me on my journey.

Kadi Orm
Kadi has lost 22 lb/10kg within 3 months and is definitely continuing her journey with Fitlap.
Today I have a reason to celebrate - I have been following Fitlap meal plan for exactly 5 months and have lost exactly 10 lb/ 22 kg. 


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