Fitlap meal plan testimonial - Kairi

Our client Kairi has managed to lose 23 kg with Fitlap.
I decided to start losing weight if the number looking back to me from the scale was really huge. The beginning was difficult, but soon I got used to weighing every ingredient. I was really proud after I managed to lose my first 22 lb/10 kg. I knew that from there I could only continue towards even better results.
I did work out, mostly at home, because I didn´t have the courage to go to the gym. Even today I don´t go to the gym very often, but I´m trying to improve myself and go more often. In the end, I managed to weigh exactly the same as I did 4 years ago. At the moment I try to maintain the weight I already have and just enjoy life.
In February I decided that I can´t continue like that anymore. I am much healthier now, my back doesn´t hurt anymore and I just have so much more energy!
62 kg
53 kg
Sandra had one goal in mind - to achieve pre-pregnancy weight. She managed just that in only 3 months!


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