Fitlap nutrition plan testimonial - Kaili

35 years old
Our client Kaili has lost 33 lb/15 kg in 3 months and continues to use the nutrition plan to lose even more!


For a long time, I have been considering if I have the courage to add a picture of myself in here. But since I am so happy with my achievement, then I am ready to share it with you.

I managed to lose 33 lb/15 kg in 3 months. I started at 213 lb/97 kg and am now 179 lb/81 kg.

For me, I still have a long road ahead of me, but based on the past 3 months I´m sure that everything is possible!

In February I decided that I can´t continue like that anymore. I am much healthier now, my back doesn´t hurt anymore and I just have so much more energy!
Hey! I´m ready to share my story with you :)


There is no better time than right now. Take a decision and start working towards your goals today. Once you see how much delicious food you can eat following the plan there is no looking back. Fitlap is perfect for you if you want to become healthier without feeling hungry.

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