Fitlap meal plan testimonial - Kadi Orm

Kadi Orm
Kadi has lost 22 lb/10kg within 3 months and is definitely continuing her journey with Fitlap.

Thank you Fitlap!

My journey began when stepping on a scale I saw a three-digit number in kg. To be fair, it was quite a shock to me. My self-esteem was below zero and it had been a long time since I have had the courage to visit a gym or group training.

In August 2015 I made a decision to start going to the gym. I didn´t have any other goals besides losing weight. So in a short while, the gym days became a routine for me. Even if I felt under the weather on my gym days I felt guilty, because I knew that I was supposed to be somewhere else instead of laying on the couch.

Soon I and a girlfriend of mine won the access to Fitlap nutrition plan for a month. Browsing through testimonials and looking at the pictures of people who had managed to make big changes I really felt encouraged to try it out myself.

In February 2016 I was invited to a birthday party where my aunt explained how she had managed to lose 24 lb/11 kg within 3 months. She had seen me following Fitlap topics in Facebook and was really surprised to hear that I didn´t yet have an account in here.

Her story was a great inspiration for me so I joined Fitlap there and then. Surprisingly to myself, I really did manage to lose 22 lb/10 kg in the first 4 months. It was a little more difficult the follow the plan during summer months, but now I´m back on track and following the plan again.

To be completely honest with you – before Fitlap I was already losing hope that anything could work for me and was giving up. But now I know that I can change. I feel much better, I definitely look better and I am continuing my journey with Fitlap.

Thank you Fitlap! Thanks for all the support!



I started my journey on August 8th with 227 lb/103,4 kg and by today, 19th of September I am already down to 204 lb/92,8 kg.
My 240 lb/109 kg became 154 lb/70 kg.


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