Fitlap nutrition plan testimonial - Jane Keith

Jane Keith
Jane managed to lose 42 lb/19 kg. The plan is to lose a tiny bit more.

18th of April vs 15th of November! I have lost 68 lb/31 kg and 40 inches/102 cm in total. Not bad for 7 months!

I have started to love being active and healthy eating. I know that I still have 4,4 lb/ 2 kg more to go, but to be completely honest, I don´t really care anymore when or if I am going to lose these because I feel awesome and I really love the picture looking back to me from the mirror.

My 240 lb/109 kg became 154 lb/70 kg.
Mariliis lost her 44 lb/20 kg of her baby weight and is planning to lose even more.


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