Fitlap nutrition plan testimonial - Jane

In February I decided that I can´t continue like that anymore. I am much healthier now, my back doesn´t hurt anymore and I just have so much more energy!

I figured that I will show you my small change. With past 4 months or so I have managed to lose 49 lb/ 22,3 kg! I still plan to lose about 22-33 lb 10-15 kg. I am actually quite embarrassed to even show the first picture to anyone. It was taken 8,5 months after I had a baby. I started gaining weight after I had my first bay and even more so after I had the second one. I just didn´t have any time to eat throughout the day and in the evenings I didn´t choose at all what I was eating – I just eat everything and not in small amounts… and so I gained extra weight.

In February I decided that I can´t continue like that anymore! By the way – in addition to losing all this extra weight I also sleep a lot better. Previously I was so tired all the time but now I feel fresh and rested after sleeping 6-8 hours!

Thank you Fitlap!

28 years old
105 kg
83 kg
Reigo finds that the best support during more difficult moments is the support of his partner. He has lost 22 kg so clearly the support is strong!
Today I have a reason to celebrate - I have been following Fitlap meal plan for exactly 5 months and have lost exactly 10 lb/ 22 kg. 


There is no better time than right now. Take a decision and start working towards your goals today. Once you see how much delicious food you can eat following the plan there is no looking back. Fitlap is perfect for you if you want to become healthier without feeling hungry.

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