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My 240 lb/109 kg became 154 lb/70 kg.

My 240 lb/109 kg became 154 lb/70 kg. It took a long time and I didn´t even dream about 154 lb/70 kg. While starting the program I set my goal to 194 lb/88 kg so I have reached the goal and so much more!

My biggest appreciation for the creators of Fitlap. Thank you!



nu 109 kg-st sai 70. Aega läks pikalt ja ma ei osanud unistadagi, et ma 70 kg peale maandun – alustades siras silme ees siht 88 kg. Ja ei väsi kiitmast Rene Poljakovi ja Heikki Mägi täis kõrtsis ja tühjas kirkus 🙂

Mariliis lost her 44 lb/20 kg of her baby weight and is planning to lose even more.
I started my journey on August 8th with 227 lb/103,4 kg and by today, 19th of September I am already down to 204 lb/92,8 kg.


There is no better time than right now. Take a decision and start working towards your goals today. Once you see how much delicious food you can eat following the plan there is no looking back. Fitlap is perfect for you if you want to become healthier without feeling hungry.

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