Damn it, parents, childrens’ lives are in your hands!

Damn it, parents, childrens’ lives are in your hands!

As a result of my profession, I notice different people´s size and also notice unhealthy lifestyles very easily.  I’m worried about overweight parents. However, overweight parents make me worry about their potentially overweight children even more. “Worrying” is not even the right word. It actually makes me very angry. And I’m not afraid for children. I see that these children themselves are not guilty of anything. I’m an evil on their parents. It is just in the hands of the elders that they have the power to guide their children. Children are the mirrors of their home lifestyle. The habits of these families are not likely to suffer from criticism of their diet.

Parents – you are the biggest examples of for your children! If you do not care about your health, take care of your child’s health. He learns from you and only from you.

Are junk foods and sweets completely out? It is understandable that children can not be kept away from sweets and junk food. The forbidden fruit is sweeter. And all this is nicely accessible to the child when you do not see. Use my family an example. We have two children in the family, a 5 year old girl and a 11 year old young man. Do I buy McDonalds for my children? Sometimes, not every day, but occasionally. Certainly we are not some kind of perfect family, but our family table is, however, pretty healthy. And the family’s general background counts. We do sports as parents, we go out a lot, and we eat healthy. All of this counts and largely determines the child’s subconscious attitude toward food and healthy lifestyles.

Today, I will give you some completely subjective advice on how to make children healthy in your family. I hope you can apply some ideas as well.

1. Healthy before sweet

The food and other sweet, full-fried meals do not fit into a proper diet. Simple logic. I fully understand, sometimes it’s easier to give the child a choice where the child is happy. But that has to change. We make a deal with our children – eat healthy first, then dessert can follow. And we never give it up. In this case, healthy and delicious stuff is eaten first, and after that, maybe very limited amounts of sweets. The rules must be in place and no exceptions should be made. I fully understand how sometimes it is tempting to give these angels unhealthy snacks that they want. But do not give in. We always have fresh fruits on the table in our family, and the sweets are raised in the cupboard. The sweets are not locked away, but out of sight and reach.

2. Be active with your children

Movement and sporting activities should occur at a very early age. You must start exercising with your children from an early age, because otherwise, it becomes unnatural as they get older. My simple recommendation is to have  workouts at a relatively early age in a child. I do not mind that a child should not be forced to do things very much, but they have to be forced to work a bit. It’s always easier and more enjoyable to have a crunch on the couch. Obviously, it’s good to have a child go to a pleasant workout. In addition to training, go for a walk with your children. Play ball with them or ride a bike. When the baby gets the taste of a moment’s breath of exercise, it’s all about life with him. And do not forget, the child also sees your exercise habits as well.

3. Breakfast must be eaten

Number one rule. Breakfast is a meal that cannot be skipped! It determines the child’s day. When breakfast stays, it’s much easier to grab spam. For me, the child will go to sleep in the morning and try to get out of the house without eating. But I do not allow it. Something needs to be eaten. Breakfast is the most important daily meal of the child. Yogurt and dried cereal is not enough.  Eggs, beans and milk powder with cottage cheese and nuts are very good ways to start off the day. There are actually a lot of choices. It is important for the meal to stay in the stomach for a long time.

4. Make yourself a meal

Find time to cook with your family, at least once a day. This is an extremely nice and educational tradition/routine. And this is a very educational one for children. It gives him the desire to have a meal for his health, and to continue this lovely tradition once he has his own family. You probably understand that a child who can cook himself can better take care of his own health in the future. Teach him. A child who does not know how to more likely to eat fast food regularly in the future . Be sure to take the time to eat this meal in the family room with peace of mind.

5. Good lunch

Lunch at school must be decent. Although the food offered at school is not always ideal for nutrients, it is still better than fast-grained snacks. Keep in mind that cravings depend on the quality of breakfast.  If it is incomplete or lean, the child will make the choice easier for a quick meal. Take care that your child will eat well at school.

6. Do not eat cheat meals while in the presence of your child

If you eat junk, do not eat it in the presence of a child. Do it when your child does not see. The child learns from you. If you quickly grab a hamburger and lemonade, your child will also be inclined to get a hamburger and lemonade.Make better choices in their presence. I’m sure you can handle it. I hope this post shook you a little and hopefully convinced you to make the necessary choices.


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