After six!

After six!

If you show skepticism here, you are doing the right thing. This suggestion is nothing but a strict method to curb caloric intake, and a fairly ineffective way at that. The idea is, that apparently most of the excess calories are consumed in the evening, after work or after school – so it’s suggested to avoid food at that time to lose weight. Kinda makes sense right? But this recommendation doesn’t take into account the people who work in the evenings. Nor do many realize that avoiding food around one time period will usually result in people eating more during other times. So the weight loss might still not take place anyway.

Fat loss is determined by total daily energy intake, expenditure and the right amount of nutrients for the individual. Furthermore, it depends on their goals and other specific factors. Meal timing has an effect and can be important, but there is no universal time-setting for everyone and such matters need individual attention.

Good long term results are more likely to take place when the nutritional habits are enjoyable and don’t cause added stress. Starving on command and avoiding food is definitely not the best way to lose weight.

Evenings should be the time when most people relax after a hard days work, when they sit down behind the dinner table with their family and enjoy the food. Furthermore, the consumed nutrients provide better means for the body to recover during its resting phase, as-well as stock up on energy for the next day.

However if you personally dislike eating in the evenings, there is no reason to force yourself. If you feel energetic, happy – there really is no reason to change things. There are many ways to set up your daily nutrition, all you really need to do is pay attention to what truly works for your body. Whatever extreme nutrition habits we are talking about, there should be a reason to practice them and they should not end up causing stress.

Happy eating!

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