5 Crucial Training Tips

5 Crucial Training Tips

Working out seems like a simple concept to many – just pick an exercise or activity and start doing it, right? In reality there are a lot of simple, but important nuances that we should keep in mind to ensure we reach our goals quickly with the least amount of effort and strain on our body and mind.

Let’s write down some tips:

1) Start light.

A very simple suggestion, but an important one that a lot of people tend to ignore. When you first start out with physical training you need to make sure the workload is comfortably light. Simply put – your body is not yet ready to push itself to its limits. Your muscles and nervous system cannot handle maximum strain yet and you can easily injure or burn yourself out before you even get started on your journey.

2) Be consistent.

Getting results takes time. In most cases you will not reach your goals in a few days or weeks. It will most likely take months and maybe even years. So even though a single day’s worth of exercising is important – it pales in comparison to the importance of the work you do in a longer period of time. And because of that, being physically active should become a normal part of your daily life. So plan ahead, find the types of exercises or programs you love doingthe most and find a way to enjoy the whole process of being physically active.

3) Raising the workload is the basis for progress.

Our body will only improve if given a reason to do so. Simply put – the load on your body when training and the effort you go through needs to increase. You don’t have to show amazing progress every new workout or push yourself until your nose bleeds – certainly not. But as you move along, you should increase the load somewhere, somehow, by even a little. It can be increased distance when doing cardio or maybe the tempo, perhaps bigger weights in the gym or just more reps/sets – or whatever else you can think of in any type of workout that adds just a little extra to the effort.

4) Learn to rest.

Our body is not a tireless machine that can just keep on working endlessly. Achieving a good physical shape requires you to learn when and how much to rest. Doing so will provide you with energy and a sense of heightened well being, which will also be reflected in your appearance.

So when you are feeling down, tired, and your muscles are aching – take some time off or just take it easier for a while. Often times, all that you need to do is keep a few scheduled workouts at 50% load and you’ll feel like a new person, energetic and clear of mind.

5) Pay attention to nutrition.

Even though we are talking about the basics of training here, we just cannot ignore the importance of nutrition. You will not achieve noticeable results when your nutrition does not support your goals. Our body needs various nutrients every day in order to stay healthy, operate at peak efficiency and remain capable of improving. If we do not pay attention to providing those nutrients in the right amounts, we are needlessly making our workouts harder and progress slower than it has to be.

These training tips may seem very basic, but experience shows that these are the things most people tend to neglect. People start out too strong – too much too fast, they are not consistent, or they often spend years doing the same things with no change in effort, or are in constant over-training and often times have no idea of proper nutrition.

So I hope that some of you have gotten helpful advice here that will help you to reach your dream physique in the shortest time possible.

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