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Fiber – what is it good for?

I’m certain many of you have heard the term “dietary fiber” before. But what exactly is dietary fiber? Fiber can […]

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Nutrition myths!

There are many different opinions when it comes to various nutritional approaches. Obviously not everyone can be correct. Still, there […]

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Avoiding injuries and how to recover properly!

Today we’ll be talking about injury prevention and recovery. I believe most people have experienced some sort of an injury […]

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Damn it, parents, childrens’ lives are in your hands!

As a result of my profession, I notice different people´s size and also notice unhealthy lifestyles very easily.  I’m worried […]

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Zucchini Lasagne Out of Heaven

Who would not enjoy the luscious tomato, mincemeat, and cheese-clipped lasagne? This is probably a food that tastes to everyone, […]

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5 Crucial Training Tips

Working out seems like a simple concept to many – just pick an exercise or activity and start doing it, […]

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Bodyweight discrepancies

I’m sure many active dieters have noticed how their body weight can, at times, drastically fluctuate without much rhyme or […]

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After six!

If you show skepticism here, you are doing the right thing. This suggestion is nothing but a strict method to […]

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From now on, lets skip the snacks!

Snacks have been synonymous with healthy lifestyles for decades. Most of us have heard the suggestions to eat 3 main […]

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Heavenly chocolate cake you can eat!

You can lose weight while eating cakes! As proof, here is a cake recipe from heaven. It is the perfect […]

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